Benefits and Side Effects of Ibutamoren

The Ibutamoren (MK-677) essentially acts just like a growth hormone when you take it without actually having to inject growth hormone and spend a lot of money and inject yourself multiple times a day. It is really good at protecting your lean muscle mass in cases where you are susceptible to lose muscle mass whether that be in caloric deficit or in a low antigen situation. Today we would be taking a look at the benefits and side effects of Ibutamoren.

Benefits of Ibutamoren

Well essentially the benefits you would get from Ibutamoren is almost identical to the benefits of human growth hormone because really that’s what it does. It makes you produce your own growth hormone up to around 60 or 70 percent more than you normally would produce if you were in the normal ranges, so if you’re lower you might bump yourself up you know to a much higher than the normal state, maybe not that high if you’re already somewhat high, you might even go above that right. It just depends on how your body is already kind of producing it.

Ibutamoren can increase and preserve muscle growth especially when you’re in a deficit so you’re not going to get jacked and huge on this stuff. It does help to repair muscle and tissue and connect the tissue

It does definitely help in a calorie deficit to preserve muscle especially for those people in a contest or just people who are dieting in general and they want to preserve their muscle. If you’re overweight and you’re dieting it can help there.

It also decreases body fat by jacking up your metabolism. So there are two sides to that, you can actually eat more than your maintenance level and still lose weight but on the other side it increases your hunger so you’re going to be eating more but you’re also going to be able to burn more calories while you’re eating more. A lot of people find that when they’re on like this type of product that they can eat over their maintenance level and still lose weight.

Ibutamoren leads to increased bone density, that’s a huge thing in osteoporosis. Some people are often given growth hormone as a solution by their doctor to increase bone density, so it’s going to help with that if you have any weak bones or things like that. This is great for people that are aging you know, it can slow aging as well and help with skin and cognitive function.

It speeds up the healing process so if you’re training hard or if you have an injury you’re going to find that you’ll heal quicker.

It also helps you with sleep, so human growth hormone really kind of knocks you out at night that’s one of the side effects so it’s better probably not to take it during the day.

Side Effects of Ibutamoren

Typically the side effects of Ibutamoren are the same as when you take human growth hormones so it’s really identical and it’s not like you’re getting a side effect from this pill that you wouldn’t get from real human growth hormone you’re getting the same side effects because it works exactly the same.

Possible numbness in hands and feet and the reason for that is because there can be a water retention especially if you’re taking maybe too much. So don’t take too much, start off a little bit you know with a smaller dose and see how it affects you. The body will kind of get used to these, like the water retention is something that people say they notice initially but it tapers off after a month or so it is something you might want to stick with and sort of wait it out.

Another side effect of Ibutamoren is tiredness or lethargy, so especially if you’re taking it during the day you may be tired during the day or feel a little bit lethargic.

If you’re diabetic, it can reduce your insulin sensitivity which will increase glucose and things like that, so be careful if you have any diabetic type symptoms it may not be for you.

So the bottom line on MK-677 is it is a growth hormone that works just like injectable growth hormone without having to take injectable growth hormone or taking multiple injections a day. I just think it’s a really interesting product especially for those people that are struggling with weight and benefits you can get from Ibutamoren far outweighs the risks in it.