The Best Guide After You Buy Melanotan



The goal is to work in a place we know now about this incredible new peptide. * Although on all the nuances of the drug cannot be repaired, I think we can provide a sufficiently solid foundation that will help you create your cycles.  Melanotan has a significant impact on the lives of many people and will continue in the years to come.

Here some guides on what you need to know after the purchase of a Melanotan

What is Melanotan?

The body’s natural hormone, the stimulation of alpha melanocytes (alpha-MSH), causes melanogenesis – the process of tanning skin cells (melanocytes) in pigmentation during tanning (Melanie). Melanotan is a synthetic version of the hormone stimulating melanocytes. The amino acid sequence of the peptide is a-alpha-MSH. Melanotan is being developed and tested in the Australian company Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals under the name CUV1647 for indications such as Polymorphic Light Eruption (PMLE) and Actinic Keratosis (AK). Studies show that melanotan is 10 to 1000 times stronger than our natural a-MSH. In fact, Clinuvel has confirmed the increased effect of CUV1647. * Today, the company is more interested in Melanotan. * Melanotan II is a step back (IMO).

What does that mean?

Melanotan stimulates the natural production of pigmentation of melanin – a skin that protects it from UV rays. * That’s why good skin interests us particularly. * In the case of rancid victims, the product can damage the skin of the face, protect it from sunburn and hide the redness. I cannot stand it, so I cannot comment by reading some success stories when I connect. People use Melanotan for a variety of reasons. The main reason people are experimenting with this peptide is (cosmetic causes). People who burn in the sun and never pour can experience the first sunbath! There are also users with a history of anxiety about skin cancer.

The second difference between Melanotan (as compared to Melanotan II) is that the linear peptide does not exceed the blood-brain barrier (BBB). After the BBB has been exceeded, the Melanotan MCR3 or MCR4 receptors, such as Melanotan II, are not affected. Check here.

Melanotan cycle?

The loading phase is the first step in your Melanotan cycle.  See how your body responds to a small dose at the door. Take 5 mg on the first day. The recommended injection time takes place after dinner, complete on the stomach. Plan a few weeks before you usually have UV radiation. Tan is an enemy, and the accumulation of melanin puts you at the beginning of this area. Some start the dose and go directly to the solarium. This is perfect if you are fit for the body.

These users use Melanotan not only for the protection of the skin but also for a normal life. Some are even able to reach and maintain sunscreens. Especially clear regarding Melanotaniga (due to previous dezinformovaným intelligence agencies) should know that it does not irritate. These aspects can be found only in Melanotan II and Bremelanotide. Subcutaneous users may aggravate nausea and rashes that resemble Melanotan II; However, it has not been reported too difficult or too long.


Targets for the use of melanotan should be quantifiable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. There is no pill or magic formula, so it is obvious that one of the bodies is extremely important. Then, there is a predetermined number of preliminary tests that the future user of the melanoid must perform. First, find out what skin you are. Check out more: